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Date: 12th May 2016
With florfenicol quotation on your service,Website:http://www.vegafeed.com, Zhejiang Vega Bio-Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the famous florfenicol manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to wholesale water soluable florfenicol powder in stock from our factory. Quick Details Function:?Antibacterial Drugs Dosage Form:?Aerosol, Capsule, Decoction, Granule Agent, Injection, Ointment, Oral Liquid, Pills, Powder, Suppository, Suspension, Tablet Animal Type:?Aquatic Animals, Cattle, Fowl, Horse, Other Special Breeding Animals, Pets, Pig, Sheep Place of Origin:?Zhejiang, China (Mainland) Brand Name:?Vega Model Number:?PF-004 Color:?White Content:?Nore than 99.0% Form:?Powder Brand:?VEGA G.W.:?26.5KGS Packing:?25KG/Drum Shelf Life:?2 Years Usage:?Antibiotic medicine for pig,chicken,and so on Name:?Florfenicol Powder Packaging ? Delivery Packaging Details: 25KG/Drum,Carton or Bag Delivery Detail: Prompt Shipment Descriptions of Florfenicol Powder Item: Florfenicol Molecular Formula : C12H14Cl2FNO4S? Molecular Weight : 358.21 CAS No.:? 76639-94-6 Appearance: White crystall powder, odourless, taste bitter. This product in DMF dissolve easily in the dissolved in methanol in slightly soluble in glacial acetic acid in water or chloroform micro dissolve. Function: Suitable for various kinds of various? 1. To pig pleurisy, streptococcus, attach red filaments, day 2, diarrhea effects; 2.To chickens of contagion rhinitis, pig, ox lung phytophthora duck respiratory infection, inflammation, RuXianYan serous disease such as effects; 3.The aquatic product categories: for bacterial enteritis sepsis, disease, red skin disease, vibrio disease, perpendicular scale disease, class nodules disease, Enoch concurrent salmonellosis, scabies disease, eel red eosinophilic disease and bullfrogs bacterial dysentery effects. Package: 1kg per barrel, loading 10kg/barrel, 25 kg/barrel Storage: Airtight, stored in a dry place away from light, preservation. Note: This product not used in lactation and pregnancy the cows. Precaution: a.?Egg?laying?period?is?forbidden; b.?Dosage?of?drugs?should?be?decreased?or?prolong?dosing?interval? for?renal?inadequacy?animals; c.?No?used?for?animal?with?vaccination?or?sever?defect?of?immune?function.? ? Items Specifications Results character White?or?almost?white?crystalline? powder Almost?white?crystalline?powder Melting?point 152-156?C 154.0?C-154.9?C chlorides ?0.02% conform fluorides ?4.8% 5.0% Heavy?metals ?20ppm conform Residue?on?ignition ?0.1% 0.02% Loss on drying ? 0.5% 0.02%? PH 4.5-6.5 6.0 Total impurity ? 2.0% 0.5% Pictures of Florfenicol Powder? ? ? ? Related Products ?View...? ?View...? ?View...? ??View...? ?View...? ??View...? ??View...? ??View...? ??View...? ??View...? ??View...? ??View...? ?View...? ??View...? ??View...? ?View...? ? ? ? ? ? Packing: Inside: vacuumed aseptic PE bags, 25kg per bag. Outside: carton or drumPackages size can also be offered according to customer requirement Shipping: 7days Our Customers ? ? ? Our Team Our Exhibitions FAQ ?